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EDILIANS is the new name of IMERYS Roof Tiles, a long-established terracotta tile manufacturer and market leader in France. Over the course of its development, Edilians has successfully brought together a range of prestigious, iconic brands of terracotta tiles.

Seeking excellence to build sustainably is Edilians' priority, this is what drives all our activities: Edilians' high-quality raw materials come from quarries reputed for their flawless qualities. Edilians' terracotta tiles and accessories are guaranteed for 30 years. 

Roofloor Enterprises Corporation is the one and only official distributor of Edilians in the Philippines.

For more information about Edilians, you may visit their website here:

About Edilians

Main Profiles

Plein Sud
HP 10
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Other Profiles for Special Order Basis

Omega 10 Ste Foy

Mediane Plus Gelis

Omega 13 Ste Foy

Alpha 10 Ste Foy

H 10 Huguenot

PV 10 Huguenot

Rhona 10 Ste Foy

Panne S Huguenot

HP17 Huguenot

Artoise Rectangular Jacob

Panne H2 Huguenot

Beauvoise Huguenot

20 Scalloped Tile Jacob

Tenord Huguenot

Beauvoise Graphite Huguenot

Double HP 20 Huguenot

Artoise Huguenot

Double Panne S Huguenot


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